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​​​​​​Don't wait to make life happen—be the one who makes it happen

Have you forgotten about your number one? (HINT: that’s YOU!)

We as women are constantly taking care of everyone but ourselves. For most of us, the pressure to tap-dance around everyone else’s needs is an epidemic.

Women For One’s 7-Day Challenge to Making Life Happen is the perfect antidote.

Through this free challenge, you’ll get seven effective tools that, when practiced for just a few minutes a day, will help you experience breakthroughs where there might have previously been wheel-spinning.

It’s fun, it’s easy, and, best of all, it’s FREE.

When you sign up, you’ll get one email a day over the course of a week. These messages will be short and sweet, and will help you move beyond goal-setting so you can realize the specific dreams you have for yourself.

Don’t wait for life to happen. Be the one who makes it happen. Sign up for the free 7-Day Challenge to Making Life Happen below.

PLUS, at the end of the challenge, you’ll receive a surprise gift to help you put your hard-earned wisdom to work in the world right away.

Everything you’ll receive in the 7-Day Challenge to Making Life Happen is based on the lessons I have learned over the past several years, which led me down a path where I absolutely know to the core of my being that I have the power to live life fully, express my genius, and take massive action in a way that feels effortless.

Trust me, you’ll thank me (and most importantly, yourself) for taking the challenge, which will move you off the sidelines and right into the center of your own life. What are you waiting for?

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Love from Previous 7-Day Challenge Participants 
"This challenge is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that has helped me in realizing my intentions. I have really gained a lot in setting my goals."
"I learned so much in such a short period of time, and I am able to prioritize with better clarity now."
"Thanks for the challenge! I used it to begin setting up a project in Bali. It really helped me put together a plan of action."
Are you in?

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Hi, I'm Kelly McNelis

I’m so glad you’re up for this challenge!

I’m a mom, wife, friend, mentor, businesswoman, Reiki master, minister, healer, incest survivor, and firm believer that there’s no such thing as “TMI.”

I’m also the founder of Women For One, a place where women from more than 50 countries share their powerful stories with the world. Over 1000 Truthtellers have answered our call to action: Make life happen by sharing your messy brilliance. Their stories range from the devastating to the delightful, and everything in between.

Your voice matters to me and everyone in my tribe. So if you want to add your story to our community, you can do so here.

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